About Us



Welcome to Adinfinitum

The place where you just have to be, when in the need of asset and personal tracking devices, with the best and sound advice.

With years of experience, in the Industry, you can be assured of the following:

  • Best and sound Advice
  • Not just a sale, BUT a Solution for your problem
  • We know what is working, and what not
  • Professionalism
  • Best Fitments


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Don’t take chances, with your assets, loved ones and gamble with the statistics.


Rather become part of the good statistics, and get back what is yours, which you have worked for.


No matter how old, or new…we can cover it for you!!


At least get an opinion from us, as to why and what is working, prior to listening to opinions, with no statistical or experience backing

Why Choose Us



Our Fitment team is of the best, and gets first hand experience, from our recovery teams as to the latest criminal trends


Our Experience in the Industry and Devices, definately gives us the edge


We are up to date with the latest, cutting edge and trends in the Technology segment of the Telematics Industry


Some of our devices includes Medical and Roadside assistance, so you do not have to worry about when your loved ones are stuck or need assistance


We provide recovery services, to individuals and Organisations in need thereof. This gives our teams the upperhand, as we know all sides, and trends in the market